When you're someone who is into music and has spent their 20s in the 2000s, you can definitely say there is a specific sound that has made its way to your heart. An artist's ability to connect trough music is always a special one, almost like a super power. In the 2000s we were feeling like there was nowhere else to go musically but we were wrong, there was a huge movement, actually many movements that were part of that generation. Talking to one of my closest friend (a great artist himself), I try to understand what happened? Why did a lot of these incredible bands stop performing while others from different eras have been playing shows and releasing new albums consecutively? I feel like the theme at the time was to be "cool" and it suddenly changed to keeping it as real as possible and if it wasn't clean anymore then it meant that there was time for a break. The way he puts it is,"It's like an awards show...you just get the same awards over and over again, and you give the same speech". K this is a long introduction to where I am going with this.


It's October 2017 and I've known for quite some time that one of my favourite bands, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, are having a party/show for the reissue of Fever to Tell (fuck yeah!). The show is scheduled for two days after my birthday and I don't live in New York but two of my best friends do, both of them artists, actually most people I know in NYC are artists. I don't know if that's a coincidence but if is, its a pretty rad one. Anyways... I am one of those people that finds refuge at a music show or to the sound of speakers and headphones and of course through the beautiful encounters and grounding moments I spent with my friends. I am not a trained musician but music is everything to me and being part of that party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs reissue party at the most beautiful theatre in Brooklyn had to be one of the must alluring encounters to date. It was a pretty hard year for me economically speaking and so there was no possibility of me making it to New York for a show already sold out and even though I often get invited to tell my own story, this was just not in the cards for me. That rapidly changed. My favourite human offered to cover the plane ticket as a birthday present if I found a way to get myself into the Kings Theatre on November 7th. Ahhh, I was so exited and guilty at the same time knowing how irresponsible the idea was. Still, I called one of my best friends Nyah (one of the two incredible artist I mentioned earlier) and asked her if she was into the idea and how impossible it would be for her to get us entrance well…we could always try but yeah, we were pretty much giving up on the idea of escaping our reality for a weekend of music and long walks in the streets of Brooklyn until one of the sweetest promoter, PR, artist scouts contacted us to let us know we had two tickets and we were going to the party of the year! Ahhh what? K time to book the time off, get on a plane and expend my birthday weekend with some outstanding individuals, no diggity! Sure I was going to miss home, but who gets an adventure like this on her plate and doesn't go with it? Not me.


The weekend was the funnest. It was cathartic and full of impressions. I spent some needed time with one of the most interesting people I know the day after I arrived, a friendship that I cherish and that I look forward to having for a long time. He was traveling after the weekend so being able to see him was heavenly. I also spent some alone time on my birthday, not a long time but I was able to regroup and look at what my past year was like. I got to say it was one of the best years of my life even though while it was happening it was scary and sad and dark and deep but oh, so bright, happy and invigorating.


The night of Tuesday November 7th 2017 arrived. I am in my second home getting ready for what would be one of the best shows I have ever seen. I saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs a long time ago, actually in the 2000s when I pretty much looked like Karen O. This time tho was a time where I didn't and I still don't know if I will ever have the chance to see them play a show again. The night was cold and rainy, which was pretty fitting for November in New York. We got on the train, me and my awesome friend Nyah (as I said before we were kind of doing this trip as inexpensive as possible) got to the box office to get our tickets and our friend's tickets and waited for them to show up. It was pretty wet out but that didn't really ruin our mood, we were about to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


The only thing I know is that the evening was not only the prefect way to end my birthday visit but it was the best way to start a new year full of possibilities,  unassuming encounters and powerful projects. The band that didn't become a "living statue" to me (like my dearest friend Luke would say) was up on stage after a 30 min documentary called, There Is No Modern Romance, directed and filmed by Patrick Daughters. A film that maybe understands that often we are all in the same boat and how cool is that? No you're not alone! There are no words to express what I felt when blessed by being surrounded with art in that prefect venue on a Tuesday night in the city that never sleeps while getting texts from my other New York best friend (a huge part of my heart was in Germany at the time) and a hi or two from my best friend in Vancouver at the same time. I couldn't help wishing my partner was seeing what I was experiencing. What I'm trying to say is that the show brought me back and made clear to me that the collective consciousness of the 2000s is active. The theme of the weekend didn't just mean Yeah Yeah Yeahs doing a second encore and Karen O slamming the mic while creating a gritty but perfectly synced sound, it meant a familiar feeling of the warmth and the comfort of inspiring light in the darkness.